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If you own an old piece of furniture, it is possible to renew it by recurring to a simple DIY decorating art called decoupage. This is the era in which reusing things is very trendy: in architecture, construction, design and fashion are only some industries in which the reuse of raw materials which, when well disposed of and recycled, can become new beautiful objects. The main idea is that we should not throw anything away if we are not entirely sure that particular item can be reused. This applies especially to furniture, which can be reinvented by means of some good will and DIY skills. What is decoupage? It is a decorating technique, of French etymology which means to cut. Its first use dates back to the Fifteenth Century in Middle East, whereas it became popular in the Western world from the Sixteenth century with the more difficult lacquering or coating technique, which would enhance pieces of furniture and objects by covering them with strata of shiny varnish. Casinos were already famous in those centuries, but there were no casinos like
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